Few things in life satisfy like singing in the shower. For 5-15 minutes you’re the star of your show, the center of the spotlight, the DJ of your soul… playing favorite playlists and albums from your youth and belting along with gusto. This is why it’s so important to have a rocking shower speaker in there with you. The Wave by HyperGear brings it and puts you in the zone—the splash zone!

The compact, stylish Wave belies a number of features packed inside. For one, its rugged IPX4 exterior makes it immune to the wetter elements of life: weather, pools, showers, beach, spilled margaritas, etc.  Second, it offers a myriad of methods to get your tunes: wirelessly via Bluetooth, plugged in with an AUX cable, or directly from a Micro SD card inserted right in the speaker. It also has a built-in microphone that enables you to quickly and easily switch from music to calls and back again without once relinquishing the soap.

Finally, the Wave comes equipped with a handy hanging cord that keeps the controls close and the music closer, leaving you to rinse and repeat without missing a beat!

MSRP $39.99. Now available in black/gray, gray/yellow, black/teal and black/pink.