Never let it be said that Mom doesn’t still “have it”– she certainly works hard enough to keep it– and if she comes home from the gym with earphones dangling and sweaty phone in hand, rather than tease, show her the love. Mother’s Day is the ideal occasion to give any mom a gift she’ll actually use (unlike that talking scale you got last year). It doesn’t matter if it’s Pilates, cycling, lifting weights or power-walking the paseo, either one of these stylish, liberating gifts from HyperGear will give her workout that special touch she’ll always remember came from you.

Bringing a big ol’ mondo smartphone to a workout can be a royal pain: It’s distracting in the pocket, gets all slippery and awkward in your hand, and it’s out of reach in a backpack. If you’ve heard Mom gripe about juggling her phone during a workout, the ActiveGear WirelessEarphones + Sport Armband is the perfect solution. Aside from securely and comfortably fixing the phone to her arm and within reach, the Sport Armband’s strap makes it very easy to adjust with one hand. Available in three colors, it features an on-board pouch for storing a house or locker key, and the phone compartment has plenty of room for a gym card, credit card or mad money. Made of high quality, soft neoprene, the armband is made to flex, twist and bend– but never stretch out of shape– so it can take on Mom’s gnarliest yoga positions, and always be ready for more.

But, that’s just the beginning! Included with the armband are powerful wireless earphones that deliver such a rich stereo sound and heart-pounding bass, your mom’s pulse will keep in time with the beat. Equipped with ergonomic ear buds that stay snug and secure throughout Mom’s activities, this fitness ensemble will maximize Mom’s workout experience with 5 hours of awesome acoustics and hands-free comfort, so she can fully focus on her burn, and manage music and calls, with minimal attention.

Some moms are armband people and some are belt people; if you think your mom is more the latter, the 
ActiveGear WirelessHeadphones + Sport Belt is the ideal apparatus for quick access to the phone and music while on the go. Compatible with all smartphones up to 6.3”, the Sport Belt– like the Sport Armband– is designed with stretchy, resilient neoprene and can accommodate up to a 48” waist. The slim, stylish belt also comes with the same superb ActiveGear in-ear wireless headphones, ready to immerse Mom in her sweet endorphin happy place. Right where we want her.