Pocket Boost Portable Batteries

Maybe you spent too much time on a power-sucking app, or your head was so deep cramming for a test, you forgot to charge before you headed out. Anyway, now the phone’s deader than Barb Holland (or is it?). But before the vertigo hits you, remember you’ve got a Pocket Boost Portable Battery in your pocket. Swept in a wave of relief, you plunge your hand in and retrieve your lifeline– the best backup power source when there’s no plug in sight. Friendly to both Apple and Android devices, the Pocket Boost is a slim, lightweight power bank that’s strangely high-capacity for its diminutive size. In fact, it comes in three capacity options—2600mAh, 5200mAh or 7800mAh—so you can extend your talk, music, surfing or gaming off-the-grid until you’re back safe where there be plugs. As an added feature, the Pocket Boost comes with a built-in LED flashlight to light the way if you’re out too late.

Stealth Headphones

There are certain things you look for in a good travel companion. Attractiveness. Adventurousness. Endurance. Comfortable to be with. And sometimes, that special partner to go exploring with and leave the world behind. Just like Stealth Wireless Headphones! These noise-cancelling over-ear ‘phones cover all those bases, and then some. Check it out—1) Attractiveness: Sleek, stylish, matte black, the Stealth is definitely easy on the eyes, and looks more akin to a fashion decision, like the very expensive headsets. 2) Adventurousness: Where do I start? First, their premium 40mm drivers put out an impressive range of sound—powerful bass, clear mids and bright highs—so you’re always immersed in a great musical experience. Second, its wireless connection goes up to 33 solid feet from the device, granting virtually unbound freedom to roam where the inclination takes you. Third, of course, it’s wireless so you can take them anywhere. 3) Endurance: The Stealth is built to play long and hard, and will jam for 15 straight hours on a single charge, which pretty much covers any trip you’ll take. 4) Comfortable to be with: Like all good fellow travelers, the Stealth always feel natural to be with. Whether on your head or resting on your neck, its soft, buttery memory foam pads nestle against you in total comfort, putting you in a state of quintessential bliss, either on long journeys or binge-racing Saturdays. 5) That special partner to go exploring with and leave the world behind: Stealth performs like a soulmate when it’s time to listen to nothing but what’s being piped between your ears. On a single charge, its Active Noise Cancelling Technology can deliver sweet solitude for 12 straight hours, blocking out all external noise and leaving you to flow with music, podcasts and phone calls. Yup, Stealth is the perfect companion. Just don’t blame us if it starts talking in Scarlett Johansson’s voice. $99.99 MSRP.

Flex 2

So, you’re heading off to school. That’s great. New friends, new learning, new experiences. Whatever you do, though, don’t fall victim to the dreaded “Freshman 15,” that carb-induced blight that transforms healthy students into pears. It doesn’t matter if you’re not going to be a freshman, friend, the “15” claims all as fair game. Time to transfer your gym membership and pick up a pair of Flex 2 Wireless Earphones. Ultra-light, firm in the ears and shielded against sweat and dirt, the Flex 2 is the ideal headset for strenuous after-class circuits and weekend marathons, alike. Designed with powerful 10mm neodymium drivers, these premium earbuds prove it’s possible to cut the cord while still retaining superior hi-res audio, and without breaking the bank. Featuring a built-in microphone and supportive neckband, Flex 2 was made to seize the day right along with you, letting you switch from the music to take calls, completely hands-free. So, whether you’re crossing the quad, working the kettle bell or sprinting up stairs Rocky-style, Flex 2 Earphones will keep pace with you for 5 solid hours on a single charge. And that better be water you’re chugging afterward… “15.”  $49.99 MSRP.

H2O Wireless Speakers – Prints

Which speaker “speaks” to you? HyperGear’s got a slew of new prints for their H20 Wireless Speakers, each conveying its own personal mood and message. One proudly sings the Stars & Stripes, another is ready to take the field, Camo-style. Perhaps you’re the “social” animal that needs emojis to express your attitude, or a space cadet shooting for the stars. Or, maybe all you want is a (mmmmmmm…) donut. Designed for the shower, the mighty H2O Stereo Speaker is portable enough to bring anywhere– wet or otherwise. Made with water-resistant silicone and certified IPX4 waterproof, it’s free to hang by the pool, beach, kitchen or even somewhere landlocked like a patio or garage. The powerful suction cup easily mounts to any smooth surface, such as a tiled shower wall, where you can manage music and take calls between the shampoo and conditioner. Cut loose and sing along to your favorite jams in the shower! Just make sure the phone is off. $14.99 MSRP.

3-Pc. Wireless Set

Gear up or go home! Whether you’re vegetating alone or rolling with the homies, stuck in a sectional or watching girls (or guys) in the library while pretending to be studying, this 3-pieceWireless Set’s got you covered. There’s something here for any activity or setting! The sleek, surprisingly lightweight Metal Wireless Headphones embrace your ears with cushioned cups so soft, you’d forget you’re wearing them if it wasn’t for that sublime stereo sound filling your cranium. Powered with 40mm neodymium drivers the headphones deliver a full range of distinct bass, mids and highs with HD clarity and balance. An awesome pair to pair with your phone or iPad for some serious Netflix time, not to mention plowing through the playlists. When it’s time to go for a run, hit the gym, hit the coffee bar or go study on a patch of lawn, though, take the Wireless Sports Earbuds . These ergonomically-fitting, sweatproof buds come powered with strapping 10mm drivers, delivering rich audio and a thumping bass that’ll keep you in rhythm on the go. The in-line remote lets you easily shuttle between music and calls, while the built-in mic blocks out background noise while you’re talking (“NOT ‘meat,’ ME! You complete ME! Hello?”). And when you’re ready to share your favorite playlist with others, the surprisingly big-sounding Wireless Mini Speaker will take the party to the next level. Pocket-sized and powerful, rich in acoustics and booming bass, this perfect, portable indoor/outdoor sound system can broadcast music wirelessly from either your mobile device or from a micro SD card! No question, having all these wireless audio options for just $69.99 MSRP is like music to your ears. Available in black, silver, gold and rose gold.

Adaptive Fast Charge Wall Charger w/USB-C Cable

In a world where it takes every waking moment just to stay on top of class syllabuses and juggle night shifts, who’s got time to wait for charging the mobile gear? The solution, of course, is getting a super-fast charger that gives back some of that precious time, and that you can easily take with you without the word “lugging” coming to mind. HyperGear’s AFC Wall Charger checks all the boxes without compromise, providing the latest in high-speed charging technology. Not only will it power up QC 3.0 devices 4 times faster than standard chargers, it also delivers a powerful, lightning-fast charge to any USB device, so even the largest tablets get the juice at maximum speed. So, if you’re on the go and your phone’s going dead, swing by and get a caramel macchiato, plug in, savor the flavor, catch up on your IG feed, and you’re ready to get back out there with a charged device. The AFC’s potency is matched by its stylish, sleek black housing, complete with foldable prongs and an LED power indicator. Also included is a removable 4-ft. charge-and-sync hybrid cable that accommodates both micro USB and USB-C connectors, which pretty much covers all your wireless devices and accessories. Suddenly, waiting is a thing of the past. So, now what are you going to do with all that extra time? $29.99 MSRP.

Braided MFi Lightning  and micro USB Charging Cable

You’re a veritable brute when it comes to handling cables. How many times have you decimated your power cord because you carried the device around when it was plugged in? Or, with the persistent plugging and unplugging, the poor thing finally gave up the ghost from all that twisting, bending and wrenching? It’s not your fault, man. The cheap stuff is fine if all you do is set it and forget it, but when the plan is to persistently plug, unplug and cater to contortionist positions—with multiple devices—it’s time to pony up for the good stuff (at a surprisingly low price). HyperGear’s ultra-strong MFi and micro USB Charge & Sync Cables are made with braided, thick-gauge copper wire, jacketed with rugged, pliable sheathing, and created to take your worst thrashing, all-the-while delivering a pure, powerful signal for high-speed charging and data transfer. $17.99 MSRP.

ActiveGear Armband

How do I put this? That smartphone in your gym shorts? Not a good look. I know, I know, it’s a hassle schlepping the thing from machine to machine by hand, or holding it on runs. It’s also risky—your phone deserves safe, high-performance treatment– which is why I recommend the ActiveGear WirelessEarphones + Armband Set. The Armband’s ultra-minimal design, coupled with advanced engineering, eliminate the bulkiness found in many armbands, without compromising comfort or protection. Lightweight and slim, it fits snugly on your bulging (or even potential) tricep while protecting the phone during the most vigorous workouts. The universal Armband is able to fit any smartphone up to 6.3 in., as the stretchy, breathable neoprene band twists and flexes with you, never stretching out of shape. Not to mention that it can withstand your buckets of high-octane sweat—it’s even hand-washable! The ergonomic Wireless Earbuds provide a comfortable, tight seal on your ears, channeling a rich, powerful stereo and pounding bass, while blocking out all the “gym-grunt” hubbub. Harnessing the latest wireless technology, the earphones pair quickly and easily with your device and can wander up to 33 ft. away. And, don’t think you can cut your workout short because the music died, ‘cause these babies will go up to 5 hours with non-stop performance. They also include an intuitive inline remote to easily adjust the volume, change songs or take calls. With ActiveGear you can focus 100% on your performance with no distraction—for you or anybody else. You know… those shorts. Available in black, red or purple. $39.99 MSRP.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

I can’t overstate just how ingenious and appropriate this next item is. HyperGear’s new mouse station (it seems wrong to just call it a “mouse pad”) is such a tech masterpiece, it’ll keep you connected– and your roomies covetous– all year long. Aside from being a generously-sized (11.8” x  8.25”), ultra-slim surface for the mouse to roam, the Wireless Charging Mouse Pad has the added bonus of an integrated Qi charger, making it the perfect laptop companion for conscientious students and frenzied gamers, alike. No more plugging and unplugging your Qi-enabled smartphone when you need to step away—just pick it up, and set it back down on the mouse pad when you return! It’s total fahrvergnügen for the mouse AND the phone! Plus, do you like your pad sitting landscape or portrait-oriented? With the wireless charging mouse pad, it doesn’t matter, ‘cause it’s got THREE micro USB ports around its perimeter so you can position it any way you like to accommodate both you and your workspace. $29.99 MSRP.