With the constant evolution of new headphones, there inevitably comes the unfortunate left turns, resulting in mortifying moments that will take a lifetime to get over.

That said, there have also been niche-y breakthroughs that offer unexpected conveniences, setting them apart from the garden-variety headphones. One of these is the handy neckband headphones.

What are neckband headphones, you ask? They’re in-ear ‘phones attached to a moderately thick, but flexible band that goes behind the head and rests on the neck. Neckband headphones hold a special place in the hearts of music lovers who spend half their lives taking calls, as well as those always on the move. They’re also the perfect solution for those always losing their ear buds, but don’t want the vice-like grip of over-ear cans pressed against their heads. With wireless neckband headphones you can do your thing (whatever that is, I don’t want to know) totally untethered and without the weight of the world on your head. When not in use, they can just hang out on your neck, looking like a fancy apparatus and making you appear very important. And, when that urgent call comes, they’re worlds easier to connect than earbuds.

HyperGear’s Freedom BT150 NeckbandHeadphones check all those boxes– and then some!  Perfect for roaming audiophiles, the BT150’s super-lightweight neck strap provides an extremely comfortable hold while providing everything you need for full-function, hands-free mobility.

Sound Effects. The sleek BT-150’s house surprisingly powerful  neodymium drivers, delivering precisely separated stereo, with full, cardio-beating bass and crystal-clear highs, complementing its life-enhancing functions with mind-blowing audio. Another reason the BT-150 delivers such a strong audio performance is Bluetooth 4.1 engineering, transmitting nothing short of a solid wireless signal up to 33-ft. away from the phone or other device. And with 5 solid hours of uninterrupted use, that’ll keep you going through the day without a hiccup.

Lighten Up. As mentioned, the BT-150 comes with a flexible, virtually weightless design you can sport around your all day and actually forget you’re wearing. Also, when you’re not using the earphones, the buds magnetically lock into the neckband, out of sight, but within reach, so it’s a really great way to keep your ‘phones on hand (or on neck, as the case may be) without going through the process of looking for, donning and taking them off every time you need them.

It gets really interesting those moments you get a call (more on this later). All this, along with its ultra-soft silicone ear gels, enhances your music and call experience with constant readiness and zero ear fatigue!

 Do You Feel Me? Another helpful feature is the BT-150’s phone call notification. When a call comes in and you’re not wearing the buds, the earphones automatically vibrate around your neck, so you can jump on the line immediately without hunting for the phone or headphones. This really comes in handy if you turn off your ringer while out doing stuff and miss the phone’s vibrate. You also get superbly clear talk time with the BT-150’s powerful wind-protected microphone– also built right into the neckband—engineered to isolate your voice from competing background noises.

Control Yourself. Which brings us to the awesome navigation of the BT-150 earphones. All the intuitive, touch-friendly controls you need to run music or take calls is built right in the neckband, keeping you hardwired for streamlined multitasking without fumbling for buttons.

Color Me Bold Express your mood, your style, your fashion-forward savoir faire, even further by choosing from these bright, audacious colors. Heck, pick up a couple pair to go with your various outfits and activities!

 The BT-150 Earphones are priced at $19.99 MSRP at MyHyperGear.com.