We can put a man on the moon, build cars that drive themselves, even desalinate the Pacific Ocean, but try to find a spare wall plug when you really need it. Well, we’re about to blow the lid off that conundrum. Introducing the Multi-Charger + Holder + Nightlight, the ultra-compact plugapalooza power hub by HyperGear that turns any wall outlet into an efficient 4-device power station. Equipped with two grounded power outlets and two USB ports that deliver tablet-friendly, high-speed output, this life-enhancing gizmo can serve as the power center of your home or office workstation, providing juice to your laptop, phone, iPad, virtual assistant, wireless speaker or what have you.

But hold on– that’s not all. The Multi-Charger also comes fitted with a phone stand that frees up your desk space and holds the phone while it’s charging. There’s also a built-in nightlight to keeps the room just illuminated enough to navigate when the lights are off. The Multi-Charger’s space-saving design is perfect for any application where multiple ports are needed: the kitchen area, office, party setups or collective holiday décor. Plus, the built-in safety features ensure that the power flow is automatically regulated and protected against mishaps like short-circuiting, power surges, overcharges and blowouts.  $29.99 MSRP.