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Decorate Your Home With Stylish Sound

Newer is usually better, but not always. Take your granddad’s old stereo system, particularly those cool speakers with fabric and lattice grills. Sure, they weren’t as modular or compact as today’s sound systems—heck, they were literally big hunks of furniture—but… Continue Reading →

Freedom BT150 Wireless Earphones Will Save Your Neck– with Incredible Sound!

With the constant evolution of new headphones, there inevitably comes the unfortunate left turns, resulting in mortifying moments that will take a lifetime to get over. That said, there have also been niche-y breakthroughs that offer unexpected conveniences, setting them… Continue Reading →

Be a Rock Jock

Here’s a rockin’ outdoor speaker that hides in plain sight while it floods the yard with powerful, vibrant HD sound. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, the ROCK is a bonafide gem. The wireless, waterproof (IPX4) ROCK was conceived for party hounds… Continue Reading →

Back-to-School Gear Guide for the Unplugged Student

Pocket Boost Portable Batteries Maybe you spent too much time on a power-sucking app, or your head was so deep cramming for a test, you forgot to charge before you headed out. Anyway, now the phone’s deader than Barb Holland… Continue Reading →

HyperGear Donates to Pieces of Me Inc.’s ‘Avengers For Autism’ Event

As part of its continuing efforts in community outreach, HyperGear has donated $250 to Pieces of Me, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), in support of its “Avengers for Autism” event. In celebration of National Autism Awareness Month, Pieces of… Continue Reading →

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