If you’re like me, you’re probably ready to pull the plug on those lame headphones. After donning the new HyperGear V50’s this past week, there’s no way I’m going back to my boring, old cans. Truth be told, I used to lean more towards the “whatever” pedestrian style– it didn’t matter, just as long as they worked (sad, the things we settle for). But the V50s are so friggin’ easy on the eyes—downright fun, really—and soooo nice on the ears, I’m embarrassed to admit I was once that other guy.

Designed as both eye candy AND ear candy, the V50s come in three dynamic colors—blue with bright pows! of gray; purple with vibrant pink accents; and classic black-on-black. They look and feel solid, too, able to take long bouts of constant use with no signs of wear or stress lines. But, it’s not just about the looks, naturally (how shallow do you take me for?), it comes down mostly to performance. When you put on a pair of headphones, you’re not just listening to music, you want to block out the world and have some quality “you” time. The last thing you need is getting thrust into that awkward state of audio purgatory where the music in your ears blends with the loud crunches of a snacky co-worker. The lightweight V50’s buttery soft memory foam ear cushions fit so comfortably on the ears, it feels like they’re not even there—but, even more gratifying, they firmly seal out that external noise and let you just bathe in the depths of restorative music.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the V50 headphones. The vibrant, smooth sound definitely matches their looks, delivering a full, clear balance of treble, mids and pounding bass. Pumped with the 40mm neodymium drivers, my favorite playlists sound new and enhanced, which really energizes me when I’m doing chores or working on projects. Plus, the fact that I can switch to an incoming call with the press of a button—and not miss a beat of the song—is very pleasing, indeed.

Whether you buy the black, or go for one of the more colorful variants (wearing purple headphones around town is something you need to try once in your life), the V50s will put you in the style, sound and solitude you’ve been looking for. They come with a 3.9’ cable and 3.5mm jack.  MSRP $19.99.