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Charge and Sync at maximum speed with the new HyperGear MFi Lightning Charge & Sync Cable. Engineered to last, this ultra-durable cable will outlast the competition. Say goodbye to flimsy wires that require delicate positioning. This new cable is not just tangle-free, it features reinforced stress points, superior workmanship, and thick-gauge wiring. With an incredible bend lifespan, this cable stands up to active daily use and can come along on any adventure. Enjoy the most reliable and fastest possible charging and data transfer anytime, anywhere. With HyperGear’s proven reputation for quality construction, top notch customer service and a Limited One Year Warranty, there’s no reason to buy any other cable.

  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)
  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)
  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)
  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)
  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)
  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)
  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)
  • MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)

MFi Lightning™ Charge & Sync Cable (3ft.)

  • Sku: 14153
  • Connector Type: MFi Lightning
  • Availability: In Stock


Superior Signal Transfer at Maximum Speed

Durable protective jacketing protects the high-purity copper signal wire and thick ground conductors that guarantee ultra-fast and reliable communication between your devices.

Unmatched Durability

Heavy-duty construction, reinforced stress points, and thick gauge wiring deliver an unrivaled bend lifespan.

Compact Convenience

Say goodbye to long and unruly cable snakes! The 3-ft extension is perfect for anywhere use, providing just enough length to easily run the cable from a charger outlet to your device.


No more messy knots, this cable actively resists tangling for convenient and easy use.


The HyperGear MFi Certification Badge symbolizes the most strict standards in quality and testing by Apple’s very own technicians to ensure that every HyperGear MFi device is made with the highest quality materials and engineered to deliver the fastest charge possible.

Are Your Apple Devices at Risk?

The Apple MFi Certified Program requires that the quality and design of manufactured accessories are on the same level as Apple's own products. The MFi license can only be obtained after products pass vigorous tests as a guarantee of safety and reliability for customers and their devices. All HyperGear products surpass these standards and more while delivering the most advanced and innovative MFi products on the market today.

Frustration-Free Packaging

Opens quickly and is in easy resalable condition. There are no excess packaging materials, such as hard plastic clamshell casings, padding, or plastic bindings that would require a box cutter or knife.

  Transfers Data, Music, & Pictures in Seconds
  Durable Construction
  Incredible Bend Lifespan
  MFi Certified Lightning Cable for use with Apple Devices
  Compact & Convenient
  Frustration-free Packaging
  Limited One Year Warranty
  Cable Type: 8-pin MFi Lightning
  Cable Length: 3ft.
  Cable Gauge: 3.5mm

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