• Adaptive Dual USB Fast Car Charger
  • Adaptive Dual USB Fast Car Charger
  • Adaptive Dual USB Fast Car Charger

Adaptive Dual USB Fast Car Charger

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This car charger is a must-have for mobile device users who need to stay fully powered while on the road. Features 2 color coded ports: both the Black and Orange port deliver the maximum 2.4A each to rapid charge all your USB-powered gadgets (iOS & Android phones, tablets, & more), but the Orange port has an extra kick: it’s equipped with cutting-edge Adaptive Fast Charge Technology! Using this port, compatible Qualcomm QC 3.0 devices power up 4X faster than with standard chargers. In fact, just 35 minutes can get your drained battery 80% full! Now you can enjoy the latest in high-speed technology and always arrive fully charged!

 Adaptive Fast Charge Technology
 2.4A Maximum Output for non-QC devices
 Fastest & Most Efficient Charging
 Durable Construction

  Input: 12-24V
  Output:Adaptive Fast Charge
Adaptive Output - 3.6V-6.5V (2.4A), 6.5V-9V (2A), 9V-12V (1.5A) + 2.4A
  Short Circuit / Overcharge
  Cable Length: 4ft

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