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Life is unpredictable, don’t gamble with your phone. The time and expense it would take to repair a cracked screen is just not worth the risk. You need drop, impact, scratch, and shatter protection for your expensive phone screen without sacrificing clarity or touch sensitivity. The Tempered Glass Screen Protector from HyperGear offers the ultimate defense for your smartphone. At only 0.33mm, the glass is ultra-thin and lightweight yet it boasts a 9H hardness rating for maximum strength with minimal bulk. The Tempered Asahi Glass layer is crafted with an Oleophobic (Anti-fingerprint), Anti-shatter, and Adhesive Silicone coating resulting in 4 Layers of Protection that ensure outstanding performance. Precision cutouts and laser cut tapered edges provide a perfect fit to cover your display from end to end and helps prevent chips and snags. Let this screen protector take a hit, so your phone won’t have to!

  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s
  • 3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s

3 Pack Premium Tempered Glass for iPhone 8/7/6s

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1. Oleophobic/Anti-smudge treatment 2. Rounded Edge Tempered Asahi Glass 3. Anti-shatter coating 4. Residue-free Adhesive Silicone


Hardness for tempered glass refers to its ability to resist scratches on a scale of 1 to 10. Regular glass is placed around 5H and a diamond, the hardest element on earth, is the highest at 10H.


The durable glass is about as thick as 3 sheets of printer paper so you’ll barely notice it’s there! Enjoy maximum clarity and bare-screen touch sensitivity without any added bulk.


HyperGear tempered glass meets Apple’s design guidelines for full compatibility with 3D Touch Technology. Apple’s 3D Touch is pressure-based, measuring microscopic changes in the distance between the display and capacitive sensors embedded in the backlight of the iPhone. Not only is this screen protector ultra-thin, it also offers the superior electrical conductivity needed to communicate touch and pressure based gestures as accurately as a bare phone screen.


Prevents direct nicks and dings to your phone screen from keys, coins, pens, and even your pet’s paws.


Special oleophobic treatment keeps the glass free from fingerprint and oil smudges while still being silky smooth to touch (unlike other coatings which can be tacky and sticky). A quick wipe will always restore your screen to sparkling clarity.


In the event of a strong impact, special coating will ensure that the glass shards will hold together and keep you and your device safe.


The tempered glass is cut to fit over the flat portion of the curved screen of your phone to provide maximum edge-to-edge protection while still accommodating nearly every phone case on the market. The rounded polished edges also reduce the chance of chipping on impact.


Protect your phone screen and shield your camera from dust and debris while allowing full sound projection and home button access.


The package includes everything you need quickly prep your device and install the screen protector. Simply align the precision cut glass and apply a small amount of pressure to firmly seal.


Residue-free adhesive will securely mount the tempered glass to your phone screen without bubbles or air pockets, leaving you with end to end clarity.


Your screen protector is insured for life! Even if the tempered glass breaks, just send it back to us along with your original proof of purchase and we will immediately ship out a replacement at no cost to you (excludes shipping charges)

 Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass
 Crystal Clear Transparency
 Bare-screen Touch Sensitivity
 Built-in Shatter Prevention
 Impact Resistant
 Leaves No Residue
 Material: Premium Tempered Glass
 Coating: Oleophobic (Anti-fingerprint), Anti-Shatter, and Adhesive Silicone
 Surface Hardness: 9H
 Thickness: 0.3mm
 Warranty: Limited Lifetime
 x3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
 x3 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
 x3 Alcohol Wipe
 x3 Dust Remover

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