A Splash of Color + Music in the Shower

Few things in life satisfy like singing in the shower. For 5-15 minutes you’re the star of your show, the center of the spotlight, the DJ of your soul… playing favorite playlists and albums from your youth and belting along… Continue Reading →

Seismic Sound That Rocks Your World

While you’re out there soaking up the great outdoors– whether at the beach, on the boat, camping, at the pool or just chilling on the patio– you’re going to want a great sounding wireless speaker to keep you company. And… Continue Reading →

From Dusk ’til Dawn: the Multi-Charger + Holder + Nightlight

We can put a man on the moon, build cars that drive themselves, even desalinate the Pacific Ocean, but try to find a spare wall plug when you really need it. Well, we’re about to blow the lid off that… Continue Reading →

Dock & Charge: Nightstand Couture

Perfect for the nightstand, end table, workspace, home office or kitchen area, the HyperGear Wireless Charging Dock provides a 2-in-1 charging solution to power up your essential devices– while you sleep, work or chill. A wireless charging pad fuels your… Continue Reading →

V50 Headphones Add Style to Awesome Stereo Sound

If you’re like me, you’re probably ready to pull the plug on those lame headphones. After donning the new HyperGear V50’s this past week, there’s no way I’m going back to my boring, old cans. Truth be told, I used to lean… Continue Reading →

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